Jail Breaking

The Perfect Jailbroken iPhone Setup

Jailbroken iPhones may not be a familiar term to many users because it doesn’t involve the conventional use of a phone. But if you are here looking for a setup for your jailbroken phone, you surely will know what the term means.

Jailbreaking can be defined as the act of breaking the shackles within the Apple devices. Since they allow only Apple apps to be installed, the users often get vexed by this feature. The users are often agitated by the confounding question of how to unlock my iphone 7 plus, which will give them better network options, thereby upgrading their iPhone to be open to a vast number of options. There are several benefits to breaking this jail on your iPhone or iPad. If you jailbroke your iPhone recently, you might most probably in search for themes that can customize your device. Here is a complete setup for the phone that you can try out if you have been searching for something similar.

The Theme

Lancer Bottom is a theme that can be used under each message; it is also called Saber. All messages with the Indigo icons can be underlined with this theme.

Lock Screen

By using the Groovylock on your phone, you can add widgets to your lock screen, and the IfFound2 adds an extra button to the lock screen as a security system that stores important information to help you out when the phone is lost. Lock Glyph will add an animated fingerprint on the lock screen, and the LS Barebones come with the Groovy Lock theme, which embellishes your phone. If you want to change the text on your passcode screen, use HotDog.

Home Screen

Use Flurry to blur system-wide UI, Cylinder to change page animations, DockShift to theme your dock, and Cornered to make the corners of your menu actions rounded. If you want to hide various UI elements throughout your device, Hideme8 Lite has to be used. Round the corner of your dock with the RoundDock, and add 5 icons to your dock with BetterFiveIconDock. Make your badge icons of the same color as that of the prominent color of the app using ColorBadges. Iconoclasm can be used to create a 3×3 dense icon layout.

Status Bar

Change your battery theme with Alkaline and your carrier logo with Zeppelin. The alkaline theme comes with the Apple Logo Alkaline Battery, and the date in the status bar is set up by the Date In Status bar.

Control Center

This is the section that manages the control center of the phone. Rounded corners can be provided using Corners, and the CClean gives a minimalistic look by cleaning up the control center. The Control Center enabled Indigo theme has a Winterboard approach that makes the phone’s screen classy.


Lower/uppercase characters will be displayed by ShowCase, depending on the case that gets typed next. All lines on the keyboard are removed using SleekKey to make it look sleek. Tweaks to the Messages can be customized using MessageCustomiser. Each time you tap the keyboard/buttons, haptic feedback is given by the HapticPro/KeyboardVibrate8. As mentioned earlier, like in the theme, Saber adds a line underneath all the messages in the app.