How to choose the right criminal lawyer if you get arrested

When you find yourself in a situation to be arrested and facing criminal charges, the most important thing is to look for a good criminal lawyer. Unfortunately, there isn’t one thing you should check out before hiring a criminal attorney. The best piece of advice is to choose one by several different criteria, in order to get the best service possible.


How to find the criminal lawyer? There are several options: you may ask for a referral from your friends and family or, if you don’t want to spread the rumors about your problem, you may browse the Internet. In each case you need to start with these key points:


  1. Can he help you with your case? Before you start searching for a criminal lawyer, you might want to go through your case. Depending on the specificity of the case, you need to find the lawyer who has the relevant experience with the similar cases or who has the right specialization that can help you with your particular case. Ask a potential lawyer about his background and previous experience. Outline the basic facts about your case in order to find out whether he can help you or not.


  1. Does he meet the qualities that are important to you? Being arrested is a sensitive matter: you are emotionally hurt and it can be a challenge to make rational decisions. Choosing the right criminal lawyer is based on your emotional needs, too. Is that a person you can trust or is it a professional that will do his job and take no care about your needs? Set up the list of qualities you expect from your criminal lawyer and pick one that fulfills the most criterias from the list. That way you will find someone who will take care of your well-being, too.


  1. How does he charge for his services? When choosing the right criminal lawyer, you should also ask about his fee. Most of them will charge you per hour, while the others may state a flat fee. In both cases, you need to sign up a contract which clearly states the payment methods and structure for his services.


4. Does he works alone or has a team? In some legal cases, it is essential to have a legal team due to the complexity of the case. Before you choose the right lawyer for you, you might ask him whether he works alone or as a part of the legal team.
Secondly, make sure you ask who will represent you at the court – he or someone from his legal team.


  1. Does he communicate clearly with you? A transparent and clear communication is essential for any successful relationship. In the case of a criminal charges, it’s of the utmost importance that your lawyer does not shut you from the course of the case. He needs to be able to present you the case and the facts in a simple and clear manner. If he doesn’t inform you regularly on his strategy or specific traits which are crucial for your case, you shouldn’t hire him.


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