One of the first things any business look into before they pour their money in an idea is Market research. Market research is big business as most companies rely on spending their bucks on focus groups, product testing, interviews and surveys. This was all in an effort to determine something very crucial. To help save time and money, most companies turn into the online market research who can easily conduct online or e-mail surveys. There are more than 200 people, e-mail survey which can get you $2500 to $5000. As incentives for consumer to fill out online surveys, companies offer them small rewards. There are many websites like, which can help guide you to get the best online survey site.

These survey sites provide incentives for consumers to fill out the online surveys and the companies offer them rewards. There are many websites providing points which, after filling and submit, can earn some few incentives. These points can later be used as discounts on products, rewards, free airline miles or gasoline gift cards. These reward points are a win-win situation which can allow the companies and consumers. The company gets valuable market research from a targeted survey audience and the consumer paid through time and discounts on freebies products that one likes.

There are many problems when it comes to rewarding consumers as it gives them easy access to cheat. There are many more sites filled out that the more points you will receive. It is important that people get creative with their work as they randomly select the answers from the survey questions as quickly as possible, establish multiple e-mail addresses to answer survey questions as quickly as possible which will ensure that your answer stays recorded. There are many established multiple e-mail addresses to answer the same survey five to six times to lie about the demographics. Also, participate in qualifying for the reward, or you will not be considered a viable candidate.

Companies invest in this kind of market research as this gives them the opportunity to first hand understand the customer’s experience with the product. It can also become hard based on the important decisions one has to make. The data comes from objective numbers or subjective opinions. This is one of the best ways to analyse the pattern of customer behaviour which can help the company make an informed decision. This decision can include things like the design of the product, the market of the product and the various uses of the product. This is one-way companies can catch the attention of their customers towards their product. This is the first step companies take in learning about their products.