Finding the best insurance policies for self-employed market analysts

The insurance has become a mandatory option these days as it helps you make sure that you’ll be able to survive in case of a difficulty. The health insurance provides you the opportunity to grow your investment in a meaningful way. you can withdraw the profits of this investment after a specific period of time or your family may also take advantage of this investment if any tragedy takes place. The health insurance has brought several amazing benefits to use but we need to be careful while choosing an insurance policy because there are many terms and conditions involved in these policies that are revealed with the passage of time.

The situation gets a little bit different in the case of self-employed professionals. Most of the self-employed professionals consider buying the Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance for self-employed without making any research as most of the people believe that it is the perfect plan for them. We recommend that you must conduct the research before choosing an insurance policy because some insurance policies may not suit your profession perfectly. You need to choose a plan where you may stay safe from all kinds of payment and withdrawal issues.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the best insurance policies that may be suitable for the self-employed market analysts.


One of the most affordable health insurance policies that self-employed professionals can find is eHealthInsurance. There must many other insurance companies in the area you’re living with plenty of insurance plans for you or your family. You can compare their plans with eHealthInsurance to find out that which plan may work perfectly for you. After comparing different plans, you’d come to know that it is the cheapest option available in your area.

The health plans through a high-risk pool are also offered in some states, so don’t worry, if you’re in the pre-existing condition pool. A regular insurance company may not automatically decline depending on the pre-existing condition’s severity.

Telemedicine services

Telemedicine services are also getting popular among self-employed professionals as it is one of the best budget-friendly health insurance options. As the name relates, this insurance policy provides you the opportunity to speak to a qualified doctor. You are supposed to provide your medical history to a famous telemedicine company after getting registered as a patient. You’ll be connected to a licensed doctor whenever you’re in need of asking some questions about your health.

Then they’ll provide you proper treatment and even prescription depending on your specifics. You can also be referred to a primary care physician. CallMD, Amwell, Providence, and HealthTap are some of the most popular companies that offer telemedicine services.

Secure doctor consultations

You can save a lot of money when you have the opportunity to consult a doctor online about minor health problems. You can ask any of your health-related questions from the certified doctor by using HealthTaps’s secure website. You’ll be connected to a doctor within a few minutes and the doctor will provide you the solution after listening to your problem.