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Unsolicited Testimonials - Comments sent via E-mail

The letters are supplied here 'as received'. Some names have been abbreviated for privacy reasons, or their location removed if full names used. Originals are on file. The majority of these were received as email letters. Our files contain many more, although it just didn't seem reasonable to keep posting them here indefinitely. It should be noted that the comments made by our members are taken at fact value. We do not investigate their claims.


Mr. "W"-"F"-Date Professor,      I know that I told you that I would be asking more questions now that I'm a "GOLD" Member and all.   "BUT",  since becoming Gold on March 22, 2004, I've been really, really, "BUSI".   I' ve been studying the guidelines and trading and I'm "FLAB-BER-GAST-ED", and that's putting it mildly.  I' ve traded Corn, Wheat, Bean Oil, Hogs, Sugar, and T-Bonds and the week of 3/22 thru 3/26 I picked up $1,900.00, and the week of 3/29 thru 3/31 another $985.00 for a total of $2885.00 in "8" trading days.  That's an avg. of about $360.00 per day," just in case your calculator is hiding under a stack of papers somewhere".  I also have to tell you that I didn't bat 1000.00 either.  I do not trade that much by nature because I'm a  very conservitive trader, REALLY!  What happened was that a light went on in the hat rack on top of my shoulders and I slipped into the zone and, "HOLY MACKERAL, RICK---LOOK WHAT HAPPENED". Well here in Sacramento the markets open in 15 minutes so I gotta run, or should I say walk.  I just wanted to let you know what's been going on since I went "GOLD" .   Thanks a MILLION, Cheers, Regards, WOW,
Michael G.
Sacramento CA.    

I've been at this market stuff for a long time. I've seen almost every computer software analysis program hit my computer--only to disappointment me. In fact, I've invested in excess of $20,000 over the last five years in software, most of which I do not use today.
Now my point: Where were you five years ago? You could have saved me tons of money!!!!! I have been plotting these fdates inside of my Wdate windows and it is absolutely uncanny as to how the market reacts to these dates.
I cannot thank you enough for bringing these dates into my life. I am considerably happier trading now. You've made it much easier for me to trade successfully.
Again, thank you very much.
Tony M.
Murrieta, Ca.

So that I don't mislead anyone, I would like to clarify my success with your system. First, I don't trade all of the markets. My heart is in the grains and meats. I have an ag background and my heart is still in the country even though I have been a police officer in Wichita, Kansas for 16 years. Yes, it is true. I have had only one losing trade with your system. I use your W and F dates to time and I use your Fibonacci techniques to enter and exit my trades. Your system has also saved me over $2800.00 in losses. These were trades I would have taken before I started using your system (I still compare). Prior to finding you on the net I had spent thousands of dollars trying succeed in this business. You have taught me more in the last few months than I have learned in my entire trading career. I don't ask questions for these reasons. I find your system very simple and self-explanatory and I don't force the trades. Feel free to use my name as a reference.
James P.
Mt. Hope, Kansas

Hi Fdaters and Rick,
... Rick has been DRIVEN to see to it that every member here will have the opportunity to become successful! With most so called memberships out there they leave you hanging to (figure it out for yourself.) Then there`s the systems like EWave that if you give many people the same chart to look at they all give you a different answer. End result VARIED. This membership is truly the answer to all the confusing questions of, what does this chart tell me? Now I know why they are called futures, because with this Membership I know the futures. Rick, I can`t tell you what this membership means to me with what I`ve learned here. You have been blessed by God to teach, and teach you do so well!!!
Dave M.
Rochester, New York

Dear Fdaters,
I, for one, have been using Fdates for only a few months, yet my very first trade using them turned an amazing losing streak into a win. That win justified the membership fee, and although at that time I had very little idea how or why the win had occurred I made a conscious decision to try and learn as much as I could about Fdates, it's all in the documentation and on the forum.
3 Months on I'm still learning, and follow the forum very closely (although I don't contribute to it as much as I should, sorry), some of the questions asked by the newer members serve as a refresher of my initial learning period and sometimes I wonder why I didn't ask the very same questions myself.
I tend to specialize in only a few markets including the S&P, Currencies, Bonds and Notes, because I trade both intra-day and sometimes during the overnight market, I find that I'm constantly aware of where the market is, however, not always where it is going. The Fdates has virtually eliminated the guessing process and created within me a richer sense of confidence in my trading decisions, not to say always right of course, but certainly
making the transformation from an 80/20 loss situation to an 80/20 win situation.
I started with a $20k account and before I found the marvellous Rick and his Fdates, had managed to trade it down to just over $3k, that took less than 6 months (and I was lucky), my account at close last night was $83,940, over $80k in about 3 months.
The secret? there is only 1 that I have used:
DISCIPLINE: Discipline will eliminate fear and greed, make you read, practice and adhere to the Fdate rules, get you in and out of trades with the minimum losses and maximum profits, get you in front of your charts and create the confidence everyone needs totrade successfully.
I like to take my losses early, because I know I'm going to get them, and then I can get on with the serious business of winning. A man that never lost, never traded the futures market, and a man that never won, never traded it long enough with the right tools.
Keep at it everybody, it's there for the taking, disciplined Fdaters already know this.
Best Regards
Dave White

Helloooo Rick,
I'm back..... I left for Pennsylvania, on Tuesday morning 9/7 and just got back to Georgia this afternoon.

...Wow...all the messages from the Fdate forum !!!!!
... The way I have used Fdates/Wdates has helped me immensely. Since becoming a PM member I have traded my account from $ 7K to as of last Friday, up to 17K. I've been trading AD$ only. This market really trends nicely and the Fdates have been nailing the turns unbelievably. I've used the stop in technique solely using day sessions. I pick my trade depending on how close the Fdates are together and consider the Wdates as far as the major direction of the trend. I have been successful on closing out a trade on the Fdate by using MOC orders on the Fdate.
...Thanks Rick, Fdates has been the only method I've used that has given me confidence in trading and has not drained my account as other trading systems have.
A believer in Fdates / Wdates,
Kevin H.
Marietta, GA.


NOTE: This message was addressed to Daniel and a copy CC'd to me.

...I have also recently found a service which is EXTREMELY helpful and which I wish I'd discovered 10 years ago (although it wasn't available then, so...). After following the RealTraders posts for over a year, I finally decided to give Rick Ratchford's TTC deal a try. To say I've been pleased is a MAJOR understatement. It's the single most profitable system/tool I've used in over ten years of trading (and I have spent a considerable amount of money in that ten years on other systems, etc.).
... When you can afford to, buy the TTC software and SUBSCRIBE TO FDATES. Learn to work this software (it's pretty easy -- REAL easy compared to Super Charts!).

...In re-reading my post, it looks like some kind of commercial. In fact, I have no connection with Rick Ratchford other than as a VERY satisfied
customer. I especially value the Fdates he provides. In about three weeks, I have taken four Fdate trades -- two winners, one breakeven and one loser (and on the loser, I didn't follow the instructions). My net profits are just over $2500 on those trades combined, including the loser. It's a lot
easier than trying to find my own system with hours and hours of back testing and optimizing, and it's cheaper too! If I'm smart (jury's still out), I'll
only trade the Fdates from here on out. Risk is usually less than $300 and profits are great!

The reason I'm writing you is because I'm cleaning out a bunch of old e-mail today and I found your letters about Curtis Arnold. You seem like
someone looking for a path to follow in this treacherous world of trading, and I thought I'd bring you up to date on what's working for me. Whether you follow my advice or not, I wish you the very best of good fortune in your trading and in your life. Keep in touch if you care to, after I send this
letter I'll delete your old mail so you won't hear from me again unless you write first.
Again, good luck,
John R.

Hi Rick
Though I'm sure you have heard this before I will tell you again, Fdates are amazing! ...
Gino F.

Thanks for notice. Please sign me up for premium gold. I can't live or trade without your service. Since I have received the dates all is so clear to me. I have returned all monies lost and spent on trading an am moving to that happy place of profit...
Robert W.

I guess I'm probably the luckiest out of the group because I was 19 yrs. old when I became a fd member so I didn't have a bunch of old trading habits to kick!!!! I've been with Rick for 2 yr { joined 1998. Now 5 years with group} and besides the awesome fdates...I've learned so much from Rick that if he didn't have fdates he's worth the education & all the cool programs he creates...
I definitely recommend FDATES so much that this summer Rick gave us premiums a chance to license & learn how to use the program so I took some my profits and went to CA.
Spencer W.

Dear Rick,
I've taken the plunge and signed up for a Standard Membership...your methods really rock!
Roy V.

(Letter sent to the Editor of Traders Digest)
Mr. Peyton,
I would like you to know that I have found Mr. Rick Ratchford an invaluable asset to my trading education. I have subscribed to his weekly newsletter service (in addition to participating in his trading forum) for the past 9 months {this was back in 1999. Still an active member as of today, July 2003}. My success in trading has been greatly enhanced through the writings and works of Mr. Ratchford. I have also had occasion to meet Mr. Ratchford personally while attending one of his seminars. The seminar was organized and conducted in a very professional manner.
I am aware of the fact that there are those who seem to take pleasure in criticizing Mr. Ratchford and his work. After having had personal communication with some of his detractors, I would say that any negative comments appear to be a result of professional as well as personal jealousy. As far as I am able to determine, the criticism is without merit.
After knowing Mr. Ratchford for almost a year {current now 5 years}, a year in which I have had occasion to relate to him both personally and professionally, I can vouch for both his personal and professional integrity. In conclusion, I would like to state that my trading career has benefited enormously from Mr. Ratchford's professional contributions. I hope you will take every opportunity to make these contributions available to the trading public.
Thomas L.
Chief Instructor, Flight Operations Training
Saudi Arabian Airlines
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Wdates are hard to beat! My trading is so different compared to how I traded before Fdates.
...I haven't found anything that helps my entry timing as much as fdates and wdates.
Steve B.

I've been a real estate broker now for a bit over 20 years. Using fdate trading techniques, I've been able to accumulate profits sufficient to become a partner with a group of guys in some major purchases of residential apartment units and commercial properties that we acquired from foreclosing lending institutions.
George F.

Yes, I definitely want to renew my membership!!!!!!!!! As far as I'm concerned, there is no other way to trade. I've never seen so many trades move into profit so fast.
...It has been amazing watching these trades over the last few weeks -- It confirmed what I thought I had found after reading thru your website. Not to mention the forum, market watch, the lessons, etc., etc. It's just all great.
Richard B.

These are but a few of the dozens and dozens of emails I have received over the years from satisfied members. All testimonials are on file.