Penny Stock Guide

Thinking of investing in penny stocks?

Read on to find out how to protect your investments… while making a tidy fortune in the stock penny markets!

Dear Fellow Investor,

My friend Bob lost his shirt in the penny stock market. Then he lost his beautiful wife (she left when the bank account dried up). Then he nearly lost his mind.

Listen, Bob isn’t stupid. In fact, Bob’s a lot like you and I. He’s just an average guy who was trying to pick up some extra coin by investing in penny stocks.

Problem is…

There are a lot of scamming sharks swimming around in

the penny stock pool – and they’re out for BLOOD!

Simply put, these scammers are looking to make a quick buck at someone else’s expense. They’ll lie, trick and swindle their way into the honest guy’s wallet. They can clean out a savings account faster than a school of piranha fish cleaning a chicken bone.

That’s what happened to Bob. And it could happen to you, too. Easily.

Let me ask you a question: Which of the following have you heard:

  • Penny stock-picking newsletters?
  • Penny stock-picking “alerts”?
  • Penny stock-picking robots and software?
  • Stock-picking chat rooms where you can get the news about the latest breakout penny stocks?

I bet they all ring a bell.

And you know what? These are all penny-stock scammers’ playgrounds. If you buy into any of it, then your wallet will get raped clean of cash.

Just think about it…

Why would someone with a hot penny-stock pick tell YOU about it? Why would they buzz about it on forums, on blogs and even through the media? Why would they tell you about their “surefire” alerts, robots and software?

Don’t think for a moment that a broker or investor would do this out of the kindest of his own heart. He’s not doing it to spread around his good fortune or so that others can get rich too. Sure, he’ll say that… but that doesn’t make any sense.

No, there only ONE reason why someone would share their penny stock picks – and that’s to line his own pockets using the oldest scam in the book: The pump and dump scheme. Here’s how it works…

Scammers buy up millions of shares of stock and then pay others to hype it up in newsletters, via “alerts” and “robots,” on blogs, in chat rooms and anywhere else they can find someone who can be bought.

You (and others) buy up a lot of shares, which drives the stock price up. Then the scammers dump their shares… which leaves you holding next-to-worthless stocks. End result…

The penny-stock sharks laugh all the way to the bank… and

you cry all the way to bankruptcy court.

Happens every day. Just go into a penny stock-picking forum or join one of the newsletters and you’ll see what I mean. (Just don’t bring your wallet!)

So does this mean you should avoid penny stocks? HELL NO! There’s a lot of money to be made investing in penny stocks. And you too can make a huge fortune doing so – once you know the right way to do it.

Here’s the key…

Do you want to rake in a fortune in the penny stock market? Then you need to discover the secrets of picking your own hot penny stocks!

Forget about taking biased recommendations from those who dwell in the seedy underworld of penny stocks. Greedy (dishonest) brokers, scammers, newsletter pickers – they’re all just looking to line their own pockets… NOT yours.

Instead, you need to learn a simple system for researching and analyzing companies so that you can spot penny stocks that are set to breakout. Then you can cash in big – and never lose a wink of sleep worrying about scammers, pump and dump schemes, biased picks or rigged alerts!

And that’s exactly what you’ll learn how to do when you join my brand new penny-stock investing course. Introducing Penny Stock For Dummies Club – the only guide you’ll ever need to finding and analyzing the hottest, “set to explode” penny stocks!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know much about business. It doesn’t matter if accounting and finance topics leave you scratching your head. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t know a lick about trading and investing!

That’s because…

This course teaches you everything you need to know to start

making jaw-dropping profits in the penny stock market!

Simply join the course today and you’ll have your hands on the first downloadable lesson in just a few minutes from now. Then every week I’ll send you new lessons that are jam-packed with all the tips, tricks, secrets and strategies you need to know in order to become your own penny stock-picking pro!

Just look at what you’ll discover over the coming weeks and months…

  • You’ll discover the top ten places to get a broker – and the three places you should avoid at all costs!
  • Would you be a successful penny stock investor? You’ll get four ways to find out!
  • You’ll get my top-ten investment tips for minimizing risk and keeping more profits in your pocket – your bank account will thank you for it!
  • You’ll discover why most investors lose their money – and how you can avoid making the same (expensive!) mistakes!
  • Heads up: 7 main scams and how to avoid getting hooked like a sucker fish!

You’ll Learn the Secrets of Analyzing Companies to Quickly and Easily Figure Out Whose Stocks Are Set to Explode!

  • You’ll discover exactly what documents you need, how to get your hands on them (for free) and how to read and analyze them like a seasoned investment banker!
  • You’ll discover which 5 industry factors can make or break your penny-stock company – don’t overlook these!
  • You’ll discover the “3 C’s” of picking profitable companies!
  • You’ll discover Warren Buffet’s surprising secret for picking hot stocks – this tip alone virtually eliminates risk!
  • Good business models make for hot penny stocks – which is why you need to know these three business-model factors that point to a big future profits!
  • You’ll get a simple litmus test question you can use to quickly and easily figure out if the company has a hot product! (Hint: Hot product = big sales = big penny stock profits for you!)
  • Shhhh: You’ll get a little- known way to get all the info you need about a company – even before they release their reports! (Don’t worry, it’s legal!)
  • You’ll find out which business model virtually guarantees big profits over time – this one might surprise you!
  • You’ll discover two rare marketing factors – when you see them, grab the company’s stock… and laugh all the way to the bank!
  • You’ll get a 6-point checklist you can use to quickly and easily assess the company’s corporate governance policy (don’t skip this step… unless you like losing money)!
  • You’ll get four ways to assess the management team – get this right and you can hook your wagon to a rising-star company!

You’ll Discover How to Read, Understand and Analyze Financial

Reports Like a Pro (Even If You Hate Math and Accounting)!

  • WARNING: If the company’s balance sheet includes any of these 4 red flags,then RUN!
  • You’ll learn how to get the income statement and cash flow statement to whisper a company’s secrets and dirty laundry to you!
  • You’ll get quick and dirty formulas you can use to assess a company’s value, debt, efficiency and profitability – this is financial analysis made dead simple!
  • Heads up: You’ll get 10 red flags hidden deep in a company’s report — it’s easy to find them when you know where to look!
  • You’ll discover 4 psychological pitfalls that can suck money from your wallet faster than water going down the bathtub drain!

Plus You’ll Get the Same Advanced Penny Stock Tips and

Strategies That the Pros Use to Make a Fortune!

  • You’ll discover the surprising truth about the Pink Sheets, the OTC-BB, the NASDAQ Capital Market, AMEX and other markets – what you don’t know could be costing you a lot of money!
  • You’ll discover a deceptively simple tip that will significantly reduce risk and increase your earnings – you’ll kick yourself when you find out just how easy it is!
  • You’ll get an in-depth look at the investing jargon and process – never again will you lose money or be embarrassed for not knowing how it works!
  • Want to make fast cash? You’ll get 4 ways to create a profitable short-term investing strategy!
  • Whoa! You’ll discover which factors that make a company’s stock move in a big way… plus where to get the “inside” information before everyone else does!
  • You’ll discover what the “Elephant Strategy” is and how you can use it quickly and easily grow your investment accounts!
  • You’ll discover the five strategies the world’s richest penny stock investors use to consistently pick hot stocks!
  • You’ll find out how to slash your commission fees so that greedy brokers can’t get their hands on YOUR money!

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