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A very quick and easy tool to use, NumTrend v2.2 is a numeric trendline calculator.

If you are one who likes to draw trendlines on your price charts to assist in determining possible support and resistance price levels, you obviously know the value of trendlines. When drawing trendlines, however, you often have to estimate what the price is at any point along that line since it is easy to be off the mark. Trendlines are basically slope calculations of a graphical nature. The NumTrend v1.0 calculator is a slope calculator of a numeric nature. By using NumTrend v1.0 with your price charts, you can get the PRECISE value at any given point along that trendline. This is extremely useful for determining the price when looking for possible breakouts or to determine where you may wish to place your protective stops.

The reason I created this simple calculator is because I often wanted to know what the exact price would be at a certain point on the trendline. Before creating this program, I would either approximate it or use my hand held calculator, a tedious exercise I assure you. Now that I have created this program, it is a snap to get the exact price points. I'm now making it available to the public for a very minuscule fee.

How do I get the program?

Simply download it by clicking on the link following this paragraph. If you are provided an option to either Open or Save the file, choose Save and download it to your hard drive. I would recommend you create an empty directory on your hard drive first and then download this program into it.


>>Click here to download NumTrend22p.exe<<
(contains Pivots program as a bonus!)


How do I use this program?

Once downloaded onto your hard drive, locate the file and double-click on it. You will be presented with a Registration screen. Highlight the Serial Number with your mouse and press Ctrl-C to copy that number into your Windows Clipboard. You are going to need that Serial Number to paste into the Order Form. Without the Serial Number, we would be unable to process your order.



Once we receive your order with the Serial Number, an Unlock Code will be sent to you via return email once we have completed processing. This is a manual process, so please give at least 24 hours for your unlock code to arrive.

Once you receive the unlock code, run the program again and enter it in the box provided. Press the Unlock button. The Status should change to Registered (or Licensed). Then press the Continue button to run the program. This registration window will no longer show up when you run this program.

You should now see the following:

This program has a very simple interface. Now, let's use an example in using this program.

Suppose we want to take two low points and project out into the future for when price drops again. I can draw a trend line on my chart.

Now for each day I can watch to see if price stops at or breaks below my support line. Each day the value is different, as marked by the green dots you see on the chart above. Unfortunately, if I drew this by hand my accuracy is going to be off, many times by several points. If I use a charting program that allows you to accurately draw the line, you still have to move your pointer over each point on this line and try to get as close as possible in determining the value.

The trend line once again proved quite useful in determining support. That is why I like to use them in my analysis of the markets. However, I also like to know what the EXACT price is at each of those green dots, since many times price will stop precisely at this value. The NumTrend program makes this easy.

In the box marked POINT A, enter the low of A. This actually was 436.00 on May 30, 2001 (Soybeans). In the box marked POINT B, enter the low of B. This actually is 437.75 on May 31. Next, enter the number of bars from A to B. This is one. Enter that in the box marked "Number of price bars from Point A to B:". Next, determine how far out you want to calculate along the trend line. In our example, we count out 11 bars from POINT B to where we want to start calculating values. So we enter 11 into the box marked "Number of price bars from Point B forward:". Click on the Calculate button or press ENTER on your keyboard to calculate. Here is our result.

Eleven (11) bars from POINT B was June 15, 2001. As you can see on the price chart above, it was the low that hit our trend line before moving back up again. On June 15, 2001, the low price was exactly 457.00, the result of our calculation. There is just something to be said for numeric values.

Suppose that price didn't reach the line on June 15th. The next day we simply recalculate using 12 instead of 11, and so on and so forth. That way, we get the exact support value to look for each day until it either holds price or breaks below. Both pieces of information is useful if you draw good trend lines in the first place.

There is a HELP page for this program to provide additional information such as short-cut keys, etc.

How much does this program cost?

Only $19.00 US.

(a $29.00 value!)

Included as part of the NumTrend program is a program called PIVOTS. The formula within Pivots is the same as used by many floor traders to get an estimate of where the next day's highs and lows will likely be. It is included FREE as part of the NumTrend program. On the menu of NumTrend, select Pivots to run. Enter today's High, Low and Close to get tomorrow's estimated support/resistance values.

>>Click here to download NumTrend22p.exe<<
(contains Pivots program as a bonus!)

>>Click here to ORDER<<

(click on the Secure Order Form link above to order and get the unlock code to run the program on your machine.)