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Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Q. What are Fdates and Wdates?

A. Fdates stands for "Future Dates". Wdates stands for "Weekly Turn Dates". They both are generated by the same proprietary mathematical algorithm to calculate future swing tops and bottoms in the Futures markets. The dates for the future swing tops and bottoms as viewed on a daily price chart are called Fdates. The dates for the future swing tops and bottoms on a weekly price chart are called Wdates. Both are provided each weekend in a report we call the Fdate Report.

Q. What is a swing top or bottom?

A. This is better explained by downloading a free copy of our Guidelines (LITE version). This can be found by clicking here ---> Download Guidelines LITE.

Q. What is the Fdate Report?

A. The Fdate Report reports on 19 different Futures and Commodity markets. It provides the dates that we are expecting the markets to form a daily swing top or bottom on both the Daily as well as the Weekly price chart. Each week we publish a new report for our members that assist them in preparing for the following week of trading.

Q. What are JMO's?

A. JMO stands for Just My Opinion. It is an email that I send out several times a week to all members alerting them to opportunities or to teach various trading techniques.

Q. What is the Fdates Information Board (FIB)?

A. The FIB is a repository for the Fdate Reports and various trading articles and lessons. It is web based and only accessible to our members. At the FIB members can post questions and receive timely answers. In addition, the FIB is where the member can download the Daily Setup Report that is prepared by one of our long-time members. This DSR lists all the trade setups available for the next day. It is meant as a training aid that members can use to compare their own results. The DSR is based on the Guidelines all members receive upon joining.

Q. Do you give specific trade recommendations?

A. The Precision Trading Membership is a place where traders learn how to trade using forecasted market turn dates. Instead of simply sending out trade recommendations like many newsletters available today, we believe in helping the trader make his own trading decisions. To that end we provide our members with an EDGE. That 'edge' is knowing when to expect the market to turn or correct and how to use it to advantage. By knowing in advance when to expect a top or bottom to form, it allows the member to get a jump on a new move and thus lower the initial risk exposure. We not only provide our Guidelines training material but also provide assistance all along the way. Member's are also encouraged to ask questions at our FIB. We leave giving specific trade recommendations to the other guys. Those interested in actually becoming better traders will be interested in what this membership offers.

Q. Do you have a track record or account statements we can view?

A. Track records are important when considering a service that provides specific trade recommendations. However, we are not. Although you will be taught how to actually trade the information we provide on the Fdate Report, the final decision as to what to trade is yours alone. In addition, exiting trades is another decision you must ultimately make on your own. Some members like to stay in their trades longer than others. So what we do here is simply teach Discretionary Trading. When it comes to discretion, there is no way to produce a record. As for account statements, I would recommend that you ask for these anytime you are considering giving your money to someone else to trade for you. We do not and will not manage the money of others. We wil also not make any trades on behalf of any member.

Q. What is the accuracy of your turn dates?

A. Extremely high. We test the accuracy of these dates every few months although the results hardly vary at all since we started publishing them back in 1997. The accuracy will vary at different times and for different markets. However, turns will usually occur with an accuracy of approximately of about 8 out of 10 or better within a single price bar, be that the daily chart or weekly chart. However, the most important thing to realize about turn dates is that we do not suggest you trade them all. The Guidelines will assist you in determining which ones to trade and which to simply ignore. This further lowers our risk and removes our concern for the 1 or 2 that may not turn out. No one can forecast with 100% accuracy. Our prediction model is tops in the business.

Q. May I contact some of your members?

A. Out of respect for the privacy of our members we do not give out their phone numbers or email addresses. Besides, if the member was not happy with the service they simply would not be here to answer your question to begin with. In addition, anyone can direct you to a favorable reply. So we feel it does not help our members or those considering joining us. The testimonials we have at this website were sent to us by members expressing their satisfaction. We did not solicit our members for these testimonials, only asked permission to place them on this website.

Q. What is the best way to decide whether this membership is right for me?

A. The best way is always to try it out. This is why we have put together a steeply discounted Trial Membership plan. Six weeks is plenty of time to determine if this membership is right for you.

Q. Why do you not offer a free Trial Membership?

A. When we first started we had a free trial. This quickly became abused and added undue costs. These costs would have to be absorbed by the membership and we felt it was not fair to our members. Since we only desire those who are serious about improving their trading, asking a small amount to join a trial was not prohibitive and it served the purpose of only attracting serious minded invidividuals. And to make this an even lower risk proposition, we offer a partial refund if not satisfied (see Agreement details).

Q. Do you guarantee that we will be successful and profitable traders?

A. If I did, I would be in serious violation of CFTC and NFA regulations. No one can make such guarantees. In addition, trading is not for everyone. We cannot determine nor guarantee that you will follow our program as outlined. The approach we use can be verified without trading real money. So we suggest that you follow our Guidelines without using real money at first. Once you are comfortable with the procedures and confident in the accuracy of our approach, you can then trade using real money if you wish. Remember, TRADING IS RISKY. YOU CAN LOSE MONEY TRADING. Hypothetical results are not indicative of future results. And of course, never trade with money you cannot afford to lose. This will only cause you to trade scared, a bad situation to be in.

Q. What is the Premium Membership plan?

A. When members know that this is the membership they wish to be apart of for months to come, the Premium Membership plan is the best plan to have. After a small initial fee, your membership dues are fixed at a very low rate and never go up as long as you keep your account in good standing. In addition, Premium Members get special discounts on some of our product offerings from time to time and are eligible to actually purchase our special forecasting software (Non-Disclosure Statements are required for this) if so desired.


To Join:

At the top of the page find the link tab "SIGN UP!" and click on it.

Select the Membership plan you desire.

Fill out the Membership Agreement form completely and accurately and click on the Submit button.

That's it!

Once your application has been processed, you will receive a Welcome Letter providing you with all the instructions you'll need to access your free copy of our Guidelines trading manual, the Fdates Information Board that contains your weekly reports and the Fdates Trading Forum. A second email will be sent to you providing you with your Username and Password.

To your success!