Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. You should understand the risks in using any kind of system, program or methodology. There is no such thing as a Holy Grail. This membership can substantially assist you in your quest to trade successfully. No representation is made regarding whether you will be successful trading as part of this membership. The success of a trader is dependent on such factors as account size, trader's ability to act on information, and trading psychology. Before trading, one should be aware that with the potential for profits there is also potential for losses that may be large. The main purpose of the membership is to provide the member with enough information and training to make an informed trading decision on his own. Special Note: Any gains or losses while using this membership is the responsibility of the trader and not ProfitMax Trading Inc.. Be advised that the information you will receive is proprietary.

All examples provided within this website are based on actual past Fdate Reports and the Guidelines that we provide all new members. The examples were produced by using historical price charts and therefore do not take into account the possibility of slippage. They were produced solely for the purpose of demonstrating where the trade would have taken place based on the information we provide our members, not as a claim that the actual trade was taken by any member, employee or agent of ProfitMax Trading Inc. All examples therefore should be considered hypothetical.


NOTE: The main site headline "Would you pay $14 to make $1400?" is not an offer or guarantee of any kind, but simply to help readers consider the value aspect of this membership.

The 6-week Trial at $79 is less than $14 per week, an incredibly small amount considering the profit potential that exists in trading. Within a week, a trader could hypothetically make many times this amount. Of course, this is not a guarantee that you will personally do so, and losses are possible. It is important that you understand the risks inherent with trading any method, and that nothing is a certainty as respects profitability.