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Forecasting Tops and Bottoms!

Would you like to know when to expect a turn in Gold next week? How about a top in the SP500 as seen on a weekly price chart? Would you like to get in near the bottom of a new bull trend in Soybeans?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions you've come to the right place. That is because all we do in this membership is forecast market tops and bottoms and use this information to make our trading decisions. All that you need to do is come to the understanding that market tops and bottoms can be forecasted, are being forecasted, and it has nothing to do with hocus pocus, Astrology or anything like that. It is all done using pure mathematics and an understanding of Dynamic Cycles such as been taught by some of the greatest minds in market forecasting. And the best part is that you do not have to try to learn all this yourself if you do not want to. We calculate all the turn dates on a weekly report for you to have with you for all your trading decisions.

Is forecasting Tops and Bottoms really possible?

Absolutely! And that is exactly what we do here within the virtual walls of this Membership. Each and every week our members receive a report that provides the weekly and daily dates in which to expect a top or bottom to occur in the 19 Futures and Commodity markets we cover. The accuracy of these dates are phenomenal.

It is one thing to say that we can forecast market tops and bottoms with high accuracy and another thing to do it. And perhaps you have not personally witnessed my accurate forecasts that appear periodically on various trading forums on the Internet. If this is the case, please be sure to take a look at all the examples we have provided on this website by clicking on the EXAMPLES menu tab at the top of this page.

How is it done?

Several ways, all of which are used to confirm the results of the other. First there is pure mathematics (Market Geometry). A proprietary algorithm has been developed and has been used since early 1997 to forecast market turns on the daily and weekly time frames. Because the algorithm is quite extensive, it has been programmed into software to allow generating the results each week for our members.

In addition is the science of cycle extraction of historical price data. Since all market patterns are simply the result of several varying length cycles combined (composite), extracting these cycles and then projecting them forward in time provides the ability to forecast future tops and bottoms with incredible accuracy. The results of this approach and that of our mathematical model are compared to conclusively discover and report what day/week to expect the market to turn. In short, this is simply phenomenal and available to all our members each week.

The Membership

Visit our EXAMPLES page and see for yourself the amazing ability of our forecasting software programs. Then apply for membership so you can start learning right away how knowing when to expect market tops and bottoms can give you the edge!

"Time is the most important factor in determining and forecasting market movements.   Very few people understand the time element and its value." 
W. D. Gann

"Knowledge cannot come to people without effort on their own part."
In Search of the Miraculous, Chapter 2 page 39.

We look forward to having you as a fellow Precision Trading member!

To your success,

Rick J. Ratchford
Market Analyst
ProfitMax Trading Inc.



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penny stocks

Taking a look at popular publishing companies that had to file for bankruptcy

Starting a big business like a publishing company requires a very big investment as you need to buy the proper equipment and tools that are helpful in publishing several pieces. Therefore, most of the publishing companies borrow the money from some top companies to start their business. There are many banks and financial companies that agree to pay a specific amount of money with several terms and condition.

This facility is considered to be a great opportunity most of the times but sometimes, this opportunity becomes a major headache if the company fails to pay back the money on time. In this condition, some companies think of filing for bankruptcy so they can get out of this situation and get back on the track. In today’s article, we’re going to talk about some of the popular publishing companies that had to file for bankruptcy due to some critical conditions.

Hachette Book Group

Hachette Book Group is one of the most popular book publishing companies in the world. This company has successfully published many popular books over the past few years and they have also won several awards for the best publishing company of all the times. But the situation was always not the same. The company started with a minor investment after taking debt from the bank.

The company started its journey very well but suddenly after some years, they suffer from bankruptcy due to the failure of some books they published. So, they decided to file for a bankruptcy and they did so. And fortunately, they managed to get back on the track and today they are one of the best publishing companies in the world.

Mcmillan Publishers

“Mcmillan publishers” is another fastest growing publishing company in the world. The company started its journey in the US and then it expanded to the several other countries. Now, they have their branches available in almost all the famous countries like Australia, UK, Germany, and South Africa etc. This company is considered to be one of the top publishing companies in the world and people appreciate the efforts of this company but only a few people know the story behind this incredible success.

The company suffered from bankruptcy right after a few years of its start. The CEO was about to close the company but then he realized that if he ever gets another chance in the life he can bring his company back to the track. So, he decided to file for a bankruptcy and now the situation is right in front of you. So, the history of this company is a great motivation for those who have lost hope because it’s never too late.


Finding the best insurance policies for self-employed market analysts

The insurance has become a mandatory option these days as it helps you make sure that you’ll be able to survive in case of a difficulty. The health insurance provides you the opportunity to grow your investment in a meaningful way. you can withdraw the profits of this investment after a specific period of time or your family may also take advantage of this investment if any tragedy takes place. The health insurance has brought several amazing benefits to use but we need to be careful while choosing an insurance policy because there are many terms and conditions involved in these policies that are revealed with the passage of time.

The situation gets a little bit different in the case of self-employed professionals. Most of the self-employed professionals consider buying the Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance for self-employed without making any research as most of the people believe that it is the perfect plan for them. We recommend that you must conduct the research before choosing an insurance policy because some insurance policies may not suit your profession perfectly. You need to choose a plan where you may stay safe from all kinds of payment and withdrawal issues.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the best insurance policies that may be suitable for the self-employed market analysts.


One of the most affordable health insurance policies that self-employed professionals can find is eHealthInsurance. There must many other insurance companies in the area you’re living with plenty of insurance plans for you or your family. You can compare their plans with eHealthInsurance to find out that which plan may work perfectly for you. After comparing different plans, you’d come to know that it is the cheapest option available in your area.

The health plans through a high-risk pool are also offered in some states, so don’t worry, if you’re in the pre-existing condition pool. A regular insurance company may not automatically decline depending on the pre-existing condition’s severity.

Telemedicine services

Telemedicine services are also getting popular among self-employed professionals as it is one of the best budget-friendly health insurance options. As the name relates, this insurance policy provides you the opportunity to speak to a qualified doctor. You are supposed to provide your medical history to a famous telemedicine company after getting registered as a patient. You’ll be connected to a licensed doctor whenever you’re in need of asking some questions about your health.

Then they’ll provide you proper treatment and even prescription depending on your specifics. You can also be referred to a primary care physician. CallMD, Amwell, Providence, and HealthTap are some of the most popular companies that offer telemedicine services.

Secure doctor consultations

You can save a lot of money when you have the opportunity to consult a doctor online about minor health problems. You can ask any of your health-related questions from the certified doctor by using HealthTaps’s secure website. You’ll be connected to a doctor within a few minutes and the doctor will provide you the solution after listening to your problem.

penny stocks

How to use your accounting skills in order to invest wisely?

If you’re an accountant, you can become the most successful businessman of the world by investing your money wisely because you know all the terms that are used in a business and you’re also aware of the risks you may have to face when you invest money in a business.

The reason behind the failure of most of the businesses is that they have enough financial investment but they don’t have any skills.

We see every day that a huge number of businesses go into bankruptcy just because they don’t have the proper strategies to deal with the problems that occur in the business world.

We recommend that if you’re an accountant and have enough amount to start a business of your own, you should start jump into the business world as soon as possible.

There are lots of accountants, such as accountants in Brighton & Hove, Atkinsons Chartered Accountants that are running a successful business by investing their money wisely.

There is nothing better than running a business of your own as it makes you feel free from lots of problems and worries. Let’s take a look at how your accounting skills are going to help you invest your money wisely.


Planning is the most important thing that you must focus on if you want to become successful in the business world. Most of the businesses fail just because they don’t plan for the difficulties they may have to face during this journey.

Being an accountant, you know that planning is extremely important to make the most out of your investment. You have studied and experienced the problems that may occur in the business and you know that you need to prepare a proper plan to avoid those hurdles.


Research is another important factor for the business as you know that you need to find out if the public is interested in the product you’re going to launch.

You also need to take a look at the competitors that are already providing the similar services in that specific area that you’re targeting.

You need to introduce something that is unique and more valuable as compared to your competitors.


You’re completely familiar with the business world as you have not only studied the terms and conditions of the business world but you’ve experienced those terms while working with different companies and you know how can a business become successful by investing wisely.


Experience is the most important thing that can help you become successful in any field of the world. You have experience of the business world as you have worked for several businesses and you are aware of their strategies they use to invest wisely and you’re also aware of the financial issues a business has to face due to the wrong investments. This experience will help you invest your money wisely.


Can Lexington law help you repair your credit?

Many companies are doing fraud in the name of repairing credit to the people. They take advantage of people’s problem and when they convinced them then they start doing fraudulent activities which make you regret only for a lifetime.

Here we are telling you whether it’s possible for the Lexington law to repair your credit or it’s just a fraud to make you fool.


If you have a bad data in your credit then Lexington law is going to remove the data from your card. By asking the company about the negative data removal, Lexington will be able to get you out of the data which is harmful to you.

Your reputation is on stake definitely when you have a bad data and when a company is not clearing the allegations on you regarding credit. This Site is responsible for repairing your credit but it’s not possible all the time to get repaired.

Lexington law goes to the bureaus and creditors to convince them that they should correct their mistakes and remove the data which is harming your reputation. The chances are about 20% that they are on a mistake about the credit.


If you are not satisfied with the law then you can contact the best credit repair companies as well but in order to clear yourself, you need to choose the right package. You can choose regular, standard and premier package at the difference of cost.

In the cost of 99.95$ per month, you are going to deal with the creditors and other issues as well. You need to have few months to clear yourself. In this fee, the team is going to manage your problem and you just have to pay them to handle.

Lexington law is going to work on the level of bureaus and creditors and you don’t have to take any stress. They will ask for the proof about your negative data and what makes them believe in that data without strong and proper proofs.


Lexington law is one of the professional firms in the world and they know very well how to complete their work according to the client’s satisfaction. They know every tactic to deal on the bigger level to remove your bad data from the credit.

If you want to have a guide then, of course, you can call them or you can go to meet them to discuss your problem with the team. They will let you know what is best for you and how you will be able to get rid of the allegations on you.

There are chances that after talking to the high-level management and after having all the proofs they will be able to clean most of your foul data from the credit. They can repair your credit to the certain point from where you can start.

If you ever want to try them then you can go to their office for the consultation and you will be able to watch it by yourself.

Tips and Tricks

What you can do if you’re horrible at Math

Math does not come naturally to all of us. If you are among the unlucky many who struggle with the subject, you are certainly not alone. Many students, at all grade levels, study hard only to fail important math tests. It happens to more of use than you might think.

What you can do if you're horrible at Math

Fortunately, even if you are not great at math, there are a few things you can do to get better.

At the end, this article will tell you all about how Mymathlab answer keys can help you be better prepared for the exams that lay ahead. (Hint: Mymathlab answer key can help you skip a few of the more time-consuming steps involved in learning skills).

For now, let’s look at three lifesaving tips that can help if you are horrible at math.

1. Study Harder (Thank You Would Like)

The tried and true method of conquering difficult math problems is to simply practice. The old saying “practice makes perfect” certainly applies to math as well as it does any other field of study.

What you can do if you're horrible at Math

Writing out flashcards, studying them, rinsing and repeating is the most effective way to gain a commanding understanding of the skills necessary for grasping mathematical concepts.

2. Study with (Smart) Friends

Study Hall is not just for those athletes forced to go. Studying with classmates and friends who are more knowledgeable of the subject of math than there is a great way to get better at it. Just make sure you are studying with fellow students who are strong in the subject, otherwise, they might just lead you astray.

3. Hire a Tutor

A somewhat costlier option for getting better at math is hiring a tutor. Math tutors can cost anywhere from $20 (for a student tutor) to $80 or more (for a professor) per hour, and the bills add up fast, especially when the need for help is great.

What you can do if you're horrible at Math

As with any other type of service, there are differences in tutors and, more troubling still, differences in the results you will realize after weeks of tutoring sessions.

The Sensible Alternative

Another option is to download a Mymathlab answer key. Mymathlab answer keys have been derived from real exams delivered at real schools and universities around the country. Reviewing these answer keys can help you check your work to ensure that you are progressing toward where you need to be in order to ace your math exams.

Law, Legal Advice

How to choose the right criminal lawyer if you get arrested

When you find yourself in a situation to be arrested and facing criminal charges, the most important thing is to look for a good criminal lawyer. Unfortunately, there isn’t one thing you should check out before hiring a criminal attorney. The best piece of advice is to choose one by several different criteria, in order to get the best service possible.


How to find the criminal lawyer? There are several options: you may ask for a referral from your friends and family or, if you don’t want to spread the rumors about your problem, you may browse the Internet. In each case you need to start with these key points:


  1. Can he help you with your case? Before you start searching for a criminal lawyer, you might want to go through your case. Depending on the specificity of the case, you need to find the lawyer who has the relevant experience with the similar cases or who has the right specialization that can help you with your particular case. Ask a potential lawyer about his background and previous experience. Outline the basic facts about your case in order to find out whether he can help you or not.


  1. Does he meet the qualities that are important to you? Being arrested is a sensitive matter: you are emotionally hurt and it can be a challenge to make rational decisions. Choosing the right criminal lawyer is based on your emotional needs, too. Is that a person you can trust or is it a professional that will do his job and take no care about your needs? Set up the list of qualities you expect from your criminal lawyer and pick one that fulfills the most criterias from the list. That way you will find someone who will take care of your well-being, too.


  1. How does he charge for his services? When choosing the right criminal lawyer, you should also ask about his fee. Most of them will charge you per hour, while the others may state a flat fee. In both cases, you need to sign up a contract which clearly states the payment methods and structure for his services.


4. Does he works alone or has a team? In some legal cases, it is essential to have a legal team due to the complexity of the case. Before you choose the right lawyer for you, you might ask him whether he works alone or as a part of the legal team.
Secondly, make sure you ask who will represent you at the court – he or someone from his legal team.


  1. Does he communicate clearly with you? A transparent and clear communication is essential for any successful relationship. In the case of a criminal charges, it’s of the utmost importance that your lawyer does not shut you from the course of the case. He needs to be able to present you the case and the facts in a simple and clear manner. If he doesn’t inform you regularly on his strategy or specific traits which are crucial for your case, you shouldn’t hire him.


Check out for more information on choosing the best attorney for your case.