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Forecasting Tops and Bottoms!

Would you like to know when to expect a turn in Gold next week? How about a top in the SP500 as seen on a weekly price chart? Would you like to get in near the bottom of a new bull trend in Soybeans?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions you've come to the right place. That is because all we do in this membership is forecast market tops and bottoms and use this information to make our trading decisions. All that you need to do is come to the understanding that market tops and bottoms can be forecasted, are being forecasted, and it has nothing to do with hocus pocus, Astrology or anything like that. It is all done using pure mathematics and an understanding of Dynamic Cycles such as been taught by some of the greatest minds in market forecasting. And the best part is that you do not have to try to learn all this yourself if you do not want to. We calculate all the turn dates on a weekly report for you to have with you for all your trading decisions.

Is forecasting Tops and Bottoms really possible?

Absolutely! And that is exactly what we do here within the virtual walls of this Membership. Each and every week our members receive a report that provides the weekly and daily dates in which to expect a top or bottom to occur in the 19 Futures and Commodity markets we cover. The accuracy of these dates are phenomenal.

It is one thing to say that we can forecast market tops and bottoms with high accuracy and another thing to do it. And perhaps you have not personally witnessed my accurate forecasts that appear periodically on various trading forums on the Internet. If this is the case, please be sure to take a look at all the examples we have provided on this website by clicking on the EXAMPLES menu tab at the top of this page.

How is it done?

Several ways, all of which are used to confirm the results of the other. First there is pure mathematics (Market Geometry). A proprietary algorithm has been developed and has been used since early 1997 to forecast market turns on the daily and weekly time frames. Because the algorithm is quite extensive, it has been programmed into software to allow generating the results each week for our members.

In addition is the science of cycle extraction of historical price data. Since all market patterns are simply the result of several varying length cycles combined (composite), extracting these cycles and then projecting them forward in time provides the ability to forecast future tops and bottoms with incredible accuracy. The results of this approach and that of our mathematical model are compared to conclusively discover and report what day/week to expect the market to turn. In short, this is simply phenomenal and available to all our members each week.

The Membership

Visit our EXAMPLES page and see for yourself the amazing ability of our forecasting software programs. Then apply for membership so you can start learning right away how knowing when to expect market tops and bottoms can give you the edge!

"Time is the most important factor in determining and forecasting market movements.   Very few people understand the time element and its value." 
W. D. Gann

"Knowledge cannot come to people without effort on their own part."
In Search of the Miraculous, Chapter 2 page 39.

We look forward to having you as a fellow Precision Trading member!

To your success,

Rick J. Ratchford
Market Analyst
ProfitMax Trading Inc.



Latest Tips & Updates!


Penger til hva du vil

The Following is an excerpt from our affiliates with KapitalKassen and does not necessarily represent the thoughts of FSoft Publishing.  You will need to use a translator to read this properly:

Hvis du trenger penger til uforutsette utgifter eller kanskje en drømmeferie, så er det heldigvis noen muligheter for deg å låne penger til hva du. Her på nettet er nå så mange nye tilbydere av lån,at de slåss om hvem som kan gi det beste tilbudet for å få flest kunder. Sannheten er tross alt, at de lever av å låne ut penger, men de har sikkert også innsett at det kreve det er noen som gidder å låne fra dem. Derfor vil du finne mange alternativer hvor du kan få en relativt lav rente, og du kan skreddersy det så perfekt for din egen økonomi, som du vil. Velg avdragsfritt i en periode, velg lånebeløp og forfall på lånet, så er du i gang.

Alle opplysninger som kreves, kan du fylle ut i et søknadsskjema i løpet av kort tid, og deretter kan du sende inn din søknad og få svar i løpet av timer. Det er nesten til å ta og føle på. Og får du godkjent din lånesøknad, vil du vanligvis får pengene på konto etter noen få dager. Så lån penger til hva du vil – enkelt og elegant.


Dra nytte av konkurransen

Det er svært konkurransedyktige priser på markedet, noe som for tiden er forbrukerens marked. Du kan velge det selskapet som er best og billigst, eller kanskje de som vil låne deg mest. Pengene ender opp på kontoen din i løpet av få dager, og du behøver bare bruke BankID til å søke. Aldri flere møter med en humørsyk banksjef der du sitter med bambiøyne for å overbevise dem om hvorfor du bør få lov til å låne. Nei, her setter du deg bare stille ned når du har tid til å legge inn en lånesøknad. Det er like enkelt som det høres ut. Det er sikkert, og det er veldig praktisk.


Har du sendt ut flere søknader skal du holde tunga rett i munnen. For all del, ikke fall for fristelsen og lån mer penger enn du vill i utgangspunktet. Hele fordelen med å sende ut flere søknader er å spare penger på å velge det beste – ikke alle!


penny stocks

Finding Awesome Penny Stock Online

Don’t have a large amount of funds to “gamble” with, but want to get in on the trading of stocks? Either with the hopes of gaining money, or for the exciting unpredictability of the stock market, if you choose to buy awesome penny stock you can gain knowledge of this trading option without the great losses some experience with higher priced stocks. Cheap penny stock are common stocks that usually trade for less than five dollars and are traded over the counter through quotation services rather than the major exchanges.

Buyers are attracted to these stock options because of the price but it must also be known that the risk of these investments can also be great. There is a threat of fraud; spam emails, newsletters that shore up a stock and charge for it, or sellers targeting the aged or inexperienced to buy so the price will rise and then sellers can make a better profit. After a few years, the possibility for a decent increase is at hand, one must merely have patience. You must also expect that the Awesome Penny stock can be deprecatory, and never use money that you require for your livelihood.

Your profits can range from pennies to tens of dollars. Make certain you arm yourself with as much information as you can; talk about options with a broker regarding their choices and market trends information in their databases, subscribe to newsletters on stock websites so that you are making the most informed decision in your purchases, and do your homework online reading blogs and message boards. The World Wide Web could possibly give you the best help available if you have the time and desire to spend it looking for the information to assist you.

Tracking Down Awesome Penny Stock

Once you have the funds and decide to invest; watch the market for cheap penny stock in your price range, decide whether or not to work with a broker, and learn about buying and selling. The decision to work with a broker is a personal one, with a broker you will be slightly more protected with their knowledge, however on your own you will receive more direct rewards. A good tool for any investor is knowing when to get in and when to get out – see it here. For some, the choice to buy Awesome Penny Stock can be a very rewarding one, as long as it is done cautiously, as currency transactions should be.



An Intro To Small Investment Trading


People planning to invest online tend to avoid buying penny stocks. This is mainly because they think that it is too risky to buy penny stocks. However with the help of an online broker, buying penny shares not only becomes an easy process, but also has the potential to make you rich.  Trust us, it’s a hell of a lot easier than investment banking.

Choosing the right online discount broker is essential when investing in penny shares. Choose a registered broker, who is well versed in online investments. Even the commission price the brokers charge is another point to consider when choosing your stock broker.

It is always better to do so research on penny shares when you trade online. Though penny stocks don’t require as much analysis as $5 shares, you have to learn about the company before investing in it.

1. Consider volume when you buy penny stocks

Buying penny shares, you have to invest in large volumes to make a profit. As volume is essential when you buy penny stocks, make sure you choose an online discount broker who can arrange for this volume of investing.

Moreover, it is not advisable in investing in a company that trades thousands for only one day, and doesn’t trade on other days of the week this is because the average trading per day in such cases may turn out to be a few hundreds.

In addition to this, you have to find out the number of trades the company trades per day. This is because if there is no buying or selling, you may end up with ‘dead money’ where the only way you will finally sell your stock at a very low price.

2. Have an entry and exit plan

When you buy penny stocks, it is safer for you to have an entry and exit plan, and stick to it. This is because penny stocks are generally volatile and tend to move up and down quickly.

Even a few cents drop in the price of the stock leads to a sizable loss. So make sure you keep your stops closed where you have to move to the next available opportunity when you get stopped out. Keep watching the market as whether you acknowledge it or not, the market is always telling you something, which is usually the best decision to make.

The broker you choose should be competent enough to monitor your penny shares on a regular basis. This is because an increase or decrease of even a few cents in penny share can lead to a profit or loss in your investment.

3. Don’t invest all your money

Investing in penny stock has to be done based on how and where you got to know about the stock. This is because most people get to know about penny share through mailing lists.

Though there are many great and safe penny share newsletters, there are many unscrupulous companies with unscrupulous newsletters. To spot the safe and bad companies, you have to subscribe and track the investments to prove there is a legitimate opportunity for making money.

Last, but not least, never invest more than 20% of your portfolio in penny stocks. Investing too much of money leads to an increase in the odds of your losing capital. With these tips in mind, it proves to be much safer to buy penny stocks.